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Electric Gate Repairs

Support, maintenance and repair service.

All new installations are fully guaranteed but, in the unlikely event of a problem, we endeavour to respond with speed and efficiency. Various service options are available to ensure that your automation system functions reliably, giving you long term security and peace of mind.

A typical service includes:

  • Inspection of operators to ensure all seals and gaskets are in good condition.
  • Top up oil levels if necessary (particularly important for hydraulic operators).
  • Clean system enclosures and covers (inside and out).
  • Inspection of control panel and wiring.
  • Clean and check safety and pulse sensors (e.g. Photo-cells, rotation sensors, ground loop). Re-alignment if required.
  • Lubricating moving/working parts and check adjustable fixings.
  • Service and clean intercom (if applicable).
  • Ideally, a service and inspection is recommended every 12 months but this may vary depending on the environment of the installation and intensity of use.

We are happy to service, maintain and repair most types of automation equipment systems including existing installations by other companies.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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